Now Taking Holiday Meat Orders

Planning on hosting a holiday feast, why not make it an extra special, delicious and farm fresh meal with one of Hemlock Hill Farm's all naturally raised meat roasts or cuts.  Offered in a variety of fresh options. 

To place your holiday order, please call (914) 737-2810 during business hours or   

Visit our FARM STORE & MARKET open 7 days a week to order, in person, for any of the following: 

Farm FRESH Pasture Raised All Natural Turkey - Duck - Goose - Rabbit - Lamb (whole) - Leg of Lamb (Bone-in or Boneless) - Rack of Lamb -  Beef Tenderloin Roast and  Beef Rib Roast.  As well as our All Natural Pork Boston Butt - Pork Rib Roast - Pork Loin Roast - Fresh Hams - Fresh Smoked Shankless Ham - Pig Roast (whole).  You'll find our fresh all-natural pasture raised chicken and hen available every day in our farm store & market, so no need to order, just come to Hemlock Hill Farm.

Happy Holidays!

Good Food Grown Locally

We believe it is important for people to know where their food comes from and what it takes to produce healthy, natural foods. We take great pride in raising all our animals hormone and antibiotic free. Our beef, chicken, turkey, geese, duck, goat and lamb are all pasture raised, and available in various cuts or whole, in our farm market or by order.  Pork chops and roasts from our Yorkshire pigs can be found in our store.  Almost year-round, if your looking to throw a pig roast, we offer whole pigs to order in various sizes. From Spring thru Autumn we naturally grow, without harmful pesticides, fungicides or chemicals, a large selection of seasonal vegetables. Our farm market is packed with not only our delicious and healthy veg, but other locally grown organic & all natural fruits, vegetables and flowers, year-round.  Our community extends beyond farms, as we have a wonderfully symbiotic relationship with Captian Lawerence Brewery and Peekskill Brewery, collecting their spent brewery grains for a supplementary diet that our cattle love!

Visit Us Year 'Round

Enjoy a unique experience at our farm, year-round.  The farm market is open every day of the year, with the exception of a few major holidays, offering some of the finest natural food products around.  

Farm Tours 

The Saturday farm tours are finished for 2017. They will start up again in the Spring of 2018. When you'll be invited to come join, explore and learn what we do at Hemlock Hill Farm, for a small farm supporting fee.  The farm tours are offered every Saturday at 11am, May thru October.  An aproximate 45 minute walking tour around parts of our 120 acres farm, led by our head gardener.  There's small fee of $5 requested.   Helps with the extensive farm upkeep and seeds for our gardens and grazing fields. 

If you're a school or special interest group interested in setting up a group tour, please contact us, and we'll try to arrange something.